5 things to consider when selling property in Chester

15th Aug 2023
Matthew Smith

The city of Chester and its suburbs continue to be highly sought-after locations for buyers, and there’s plenty of demand right now for property in the area. Which is great news if you’re planning on selling.

Even in such a positive market, there are a few things to weigh up, to make the process of selling your Chester property seamless and successful. Here are 5 top things to consider.

Now is a great time to sell

Because of a shortage of available properties, now is a particularly profitable time to sell property in Chester. So consider your timings to make the most of a very buoyant market.

It can be tempting to put off selling until personal circumstances are perfect - only to find you wish you’d started sooner. The current positive housing market is the best it’s been in years. Getting organised and putting things in motion early is likely help you capitalise on a favourable selling prices. 

Be realistic about price

While house prices are trending upwards, it’s important to set your asking price realistically. Depending on your situation, there can be a temptation to price low for a quick sale, or set an ambitiously high asking price.

Listen to your estate agent’s advice. A good estate agent will factor in the high demand and be able to provide you with a realistic asking price.

Many properties are currently receiving multiple offers, allowing sellers to choose their buyer. This is also something your estate agent will be on hand to help guide you through.

Presentation is everything

How you present your property can move your prospects of selling from ‘good’ to ‘great’. Buyers are eagerly trawling property listings so make sure yours is well presented and market-ready.

You can be flexible - even with a chain

Houses are selling fast, and many sellers are concerned about receiving an offer on their property before they have somewhere else to go - but don’t panic.

Speak to your estate agent. At Matthews we’re able to help slow down the ‘chain’, and help find a timescale that will work for both buyer and seller, so you can reap the rewards of the buoyant housing market without the panic.

Consider offers carefully

With the market looking this good, hopefully you’ll have multiple offers to choose from. Spend some time considering them carefully. Don’t just take the first one that comes in - or even necessarily the highest one.

Factor in your current position, how soon you’re willing to move, how flexible the buyers are. Speak to your agent for advice, and they’ll help you find the perfect buyer for your Chester property.

Ready to make the most of the current housing market and sell your Chester property? Contact our experienced sales team for a free no-obligation home valuation.